一场human2human vs. host2human vs. human2host的血洗

inspired by reddit board

一直把西部世界各个支线独立发展视作不足;然而如果各个支线实际发生在不同时间节点,man in black 的过去也不再空白。

william has run through engaged, go to westworld, meet dolores, in love with her, somehow lose her, her storyline get back exactly as written, him came to her for vacation and check if she could be arounsed again, as favor to her wish 30 years ago, while emplore the world as his own wish.

第七集在AI“觉醒”,发展出超过码农的预设功能 和 码农编程一切 之间取得完美平衡,两边都非常强势。