Untold History of the United States, 2012

my attitute toward this series form at the first 5min positive until all deed for Clinton rest on wide spread fact that he left the gov in surplus, willingly or by the economic cycle;

yet surprised to find out positive review on Amazon praised it truth people of the nation should know while critical ones pick no "obviously" mistake but evil-intended.

though director Stone well-known to help RU speak out loud, absurded to see stories told in US's point of view so many friendly and forecasting/or not leaders. true/or not, not easy to forget the newly info.

most striking is profile of Nixon, and Kssinger, who long honored as bridge to this country, linked with heavy bombing in Viet and, to ensuring vitory, in Cambodia, self-centered as citing event when raging at generals, hatred for the ideology.

old face down and turned up with same appeal, president grow up in their terms. impossible to make no mistakes, but errors stand out after repeated voting results. little light shed on 3rd term in this land.